Following Sunday’s independence referendum in Catalonia, passed by overwhelming majority but whose legitimacy is being contested by Spain, the Thomas Ashe Society Omagh extend our full support to the Catalan people as they continue their march towards nationhood. Through their dignified actions, including the non-violent response to the Spanish state and its shameful aggression, the Catalans have won their rightful place among the nations of the world.

The events in Catalonia are a reminder of our own situation in Ireland, where we likewise seek to determine our own affairs – a right denied us by the British state and its continuing occupation of the Six Counties. The British Government’s sovereign claim here denies the fundamental right of our people to national self-determination. It is in breach of the internationally accepted right of nations to self-determine and, as such, should be withdrawn, allowing all of the Irish people – together as one unit – to determine their own future and the Ireland they wish to live in.

Catalonia and Ireland, as all nations and peoples, have a shared right to peace, democracy and ultimately to freedom. We look forward to the day, yet to come, where we both of us enter into the great commonwealth of nations, standing together as free peoples before the world. To echo The 1916 Proclamation, it remains our right, shared with the Catalans, to unfettered control of our nation and its destinies, a right held by that same Proclamation to be sovereign and indefeasible. In both Catalonia and Ireland, it remains the case.